Moonlight Poppy - Smartphone Cover

Moonlight Poppy - Smartphone Cover
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iPhone 4 & 4S covers are 2.3" wide by 4.6" long.
iPhone 5 cover is 2.4" wide by 5" long.(SOLD OUT)
Samsung Galaxy S3 covers are 2.3" wide by 5.1" long.

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Moonlight Poppy
Flowers are just as beautiful in the moonlight as they are in the sun!
Smartphone Covers<br>New Product Added!
Always look sharp while making a call.
Covers available for:
iPhones 4 & 4S
iPhone 5
Samsung Galaxy S3

Designed by us and printed by a local Massachusetts company.

Smartphone covers will ship within 2 to 7 days.
All Smartphonecovers have Free Shipping!