Droll Designs is not just about dishes. It is the result of a dream of a group of artists/teachers/lovers/travelers/cooks. We are now a family of women and men who believe that our everyday life can amuse, excite, inspire and nourish. We are a company invested in serious play.

We have made a new language, a visual vocabulary to tell you about the delight of life’s ironies, the enormity of its beauty and hopefulness. We paint this on the most humble of objects: a cup, a bowl, a plate. And although we have an increasingly technological and impersonal universe, we still need love letters, lullabies for our babies, and the sensitive line of the artists’ hand. They enrich our lives and strengthen us. This is the lifeboat of the human imagination.

At Droll Designs we are patient revolutionaries, sending our message all over the world: Break out! Let loose! Open! We are a BIG little company, and our work is an affirmation of joy and a pledge to excellence.

Our goal is to continue to use contemporary humor and whimsy combined with an exuberant sense of color and design. Our concern in contemporary art and culture is a governing factor in the images we use on our dishes. We want the experience of using the object to give a lift to the spirit. We strive to make the color relationships both harmonious and arresting and the images themselves witty and satisfying to the eye. Our intention is that the dish itself will be different enough that the owner will be alert to the vessel and its design as he or she goes about the business of daily living.